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Small Business IT Services

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We take the stress out of IT


PCGeeks2Go Is HIPAA Compliance Verified

Small Business IT Services

Small Business IT Services

Small Business Experts

Whether onsite or remotely, knowledgeable PCGeeks2Go technicians can help you get back up to speed with solutions that can also help save you money.

Managed Services

Have IT needs, but don’t have the budget or need for full-time IT? PCGeeks2Go specializes in bridging that gap while keeping you up to date and protected. We have programs to meet all budgets with no long-term contracts.

Exchange Email

Is your email giving you a headache? PCGeeks2Go Exchange mail seamlessly synchronizes your Contacts, Calendars, Email, and Notes across multiple devices. We also offer Encrypted email and tamper-proof Archiving/Journaling.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

How’s your data backup? Most companies do not have proper redundancy and can lose their data if a they took a power surge or had a hard drive failure. PCGeeks2Go can get your data encrypted and safely out of your location automatically. Sleep better!

Custom Builds

PCGeeks2Go can build a computer custom tailored for your needs. From fast and efficient workstations, to powerful water-cooled, multi monitored gaming rigs. We do it all!

Software/Hardware Installation

PCGeeks2Go take the angst out of installing your new PC software components (Router, Video Card, Memory, Printer, MS Office, Norton Internet Security, external hard drive, etc.).

IT Consulting

It can be challenging to move fast enough to keep up with the ever-changing needs of IT in your business. PCGeeks2Go can help you streamline processes, while also improving flexibility, capacity, and efficiency.

Certified Data Erasure and Destruction

PCGeeks2Go now provides certified data erasure and certified data destruction services that mitigate your liability under all relevant data privacy and disposal laws, rules, and regulations.

Surveillance Camera Systems

Keep watch over your business with the highest resolution, longest lasting security cameras on the market.

PCGeeks2Go Recommends

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PCGeeks2Go Is HIPAA Compliance Verified
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